Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Abstract N0 3

This is abstract number three. I am very pleased with this painting. It looks like a landscape somehow, but one can also view this painting vertically and it seems to work very well that way too.
I love using oil paint over the acrylic paint. The oil paint seems to glide effortlessly over the surface of the painting. This painting has been a real pleasure to do from start to finish.
I have already started thinking about painting number four. It is lovely when I feel in the flow.....

Here we go, this is another way I like to look at this painting. Being an abstract painting, one is free to view it from a different way. I dare to say, one could hang this painting one way and after say several months or years, turn the painting to a different position and all of a sudden it becomes a totally different painting to look at. I really like that idea.

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  1. Alors là J'A D O R E ! Superbe...bravo...continu