Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Quel poivron!

Well, time flies.....I have not been very active with my paintings in the past few weeks. The large painting I was doing is still in the making....and it will be done eventually. I am planning to take a break from my regular job and from my studio for several weeks. I am going skiing and visiting friends and relatives in Savoie (France). I am looking forward to relaxing and recharging the batteries. I will be back the second week of April, so no posting until then.
I did this painting last November at the Adelaide Central School of Art. I took evening classes with Louise Feneley for 7 weeks each Wednesday night. I learned to paint Alla prima which was a new technique of painting for me. This was done in about 90 minutes. I loved going to those classes and learning from Louise the Alla prima way of painting.
I got a new camera and like it a lot. I will use it to take photos during my trip to France. Hopefully there will be plenty of snow when I get there. It will be a nice change of weather from here in Adelaide where the temperatures have been very hot lately.
Anyway, saying goodbye  for now and looking forward to blogging again when I get back down under. Cheers to all.